The Arctic Circle part III

Friday 5th September
We have cracked on with the miles today, stopping to see our our pals at REV’IT! in Oss, Holland. We got the chance to give feedback on our kit and on future developments. Thanks for looking after us this afternoon guys.
Foto 05-09-14 16 25 25So we are almost finished! Nearly 5000 miles, 10 countries so far – 12 including France and Belgium tomorrow – in just two weeks. And what an adventure it has been. As always, the highlight has been the huge variety of people we’ve met combined with the startling mix of countries we have visited. We are delighted to be close to the finish but also sad that it will end soon. But we’ll soon be home and boring everyone who’ll listen with our stories.

Thursday 4th September
Almost 400 miles via motorways/highways in Poland that didn’t exist 10 years ago and along the ‘madness’ that are the AutoBahns in Germany.
Highlight of the day had to be the tent race between me and Tom. Setting up camp has become such second nature now that we found amusement in a race to see who could get off their bikes and have the tent up in the shortest time. Call us sad (‘sad’ you all shout!) but after 8 hours in the saddle you find humor where you can.

Wednesday 3rd September
I was fortunate enough to ride through Poland on route to Moscow ten years ago. So, it was always going to be interesting to see how things had changed. Oh yes! Interesting indeed. 10 years ago, the only motorway we found was a few miles around Poznan and Warsaw. The rest was fairly empty A roads where the traffic would pull onto the hard shoulder to let you past and you’d able to keep up steady motorway level speeds.
Have things changed… yes they have. It took us six hours to cover 200 miles though northern Poland this morning. Even taking off 45 minutes for mid morning breakfast, we were still only averaging 35-40mph on a road that 10 years ago you could almost double it. It felt fairly hairy too. Every other vehicle was an articulated truck and passing them felt like a bit of a lottery at times.

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