REV’IT! at the 2014 Overland Expo West

Overland Expo is an international event that educates and inspires people to get out and explore the world, by bike and vehicle, with 140+ different classes, 180+ exhibitors, and experts, authors, & videographers from around the world.


REV’IT! traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona over the weekend to rub shoulders with a rugged community of global adventurers and explorers at Overland Expo West. The dusty event, held on the dried bed of Mormon Lake, drew a crowd of roughly 7,000 from around the world. They came by motorcycle, jeep, buggy, RV, bicycle, truck, trailer and even horse — whatever means got them “over land”

The REV’IT! tent featured the company’s most popular adventure products, among them the Sand 2, Sand Ladies and Poseidon suits. Hundreds of expo attendees mapped out their “dream rides” on postcards, as part of a contest to win REV’IT! gear. And heat-adverse riders took liquid cooling vests out for trial runs on the Arizona backroads — an appropriate climate for serious testing.

The Sand Pro Gloves were crowd favorites; expo-goers loved the ventilated flex-knuckle and its distinct hexagonal pattern.

There were obstacle courses, sand pits, dirt tracks, ropes courses and other feats of daring for the show’s thrill-seekers, and hundreds of attendees camped out on the expansive plain in some of the world’s most cleverly crafted tents, shelters and mega-RVs. REV’IT! was pleased to meet and interact with this dedicated community of adventure riders; we look forward to the event again in 2015!


The 2014 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

“The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is a showcase of builders and craftsmen, combining skill, knowledge and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted machines.  These artists add fuel to a revolution in the making, one that encourages people to explore the unrivaled satisfaction and joy of creating something with one’s own hands.”Blog-Banner-Hand-Built-Show-01

REV’IT! was in Austin, Texas over the weekend over the weekend for a downtown celebration of custom bikes and builders, where art and fashion collided with top names in American custom motorcycle design.

In keeping with the spirit of the show, REV’IT! commissioned Austinites Brian PhilipsFort LonesomeRich Cali and Logan Hirsch to add original, custom design to four leather Roamer jackets from the Spring/Summer 2014 urban collection. The artists used traditional techniques from embossing to chain-stitching to create works reflecting a long tradition of American motorcycle culture. The commission was a nod to the show’s mission to revive physical craftsmanship through the medium of motorcycles — and a way to highlight a growing REV’IT! urban line.  

REV’IT!-sponsored Moto GP rider Alvaro Bautista made a special appearance on Friday night, enforcing the idea of a common bond between all motorcyclists, no matter the genre. Show-goers were also treated to prints from the Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition, photography from Lumiere Tintype, and free showings of the infamous “Wall of Death” (which drew gasps and cries of delight every hour on the hour).

Housed in a renovated warehouse in one of Austin’s hottest neighborhoods, the show paid homage to the growing league of design-driven motorcyclists and drew several thousand spectators over its two day run. REV’IT! looks forward to expanding the partnership with the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in the future.


The part of cafe racing that got left behind

Doing the ton. Say these words to any biker from the sixties and he will be able to tell you exactly what it means. I am willing to bet that you will hear the excitement in his voice as he explains it to you.

How I know? I have asked the exact same question to several bikers from back in the days. So what is “doing the ton”? It is one of the aspects of cafe racing that didn’t come along with the return of the cafe racer; actually racing on public roads and reaching speeds of over 100mph (“the ton”).

Sure we do
Alright, we do “race” our cafe racers. But admit it, it is mainly just for fun. The true prestige that came along with “doing the ton” is nowhere to be found. In order to understand why this used to be different, you need to look into the past. What was cafe racing about anyway?

Bread and circuses
Record racing, later cafe racing, was invented by young British bikers who hung around juke boxes in cafes to kill time. Back then a song (or “record”) took about three minutes. Record racing meant taking off to a predetermined point once the record started and returning before it ended. The goal was to reach 100mph (“doing the ton”) during the run. If you did this, you earned the prestigious title “ton up boy”.

So where did the all the prestige go?
Doing the ton on a bike is no longer a challenge. In all fairness, the bike you were on when you got your motorcycle license is probably capable of doing it. The technique simply allows it, so there is no proud to receive from it anymore; anyone can do it.

There must be much more to appreciate then…
This is what makes the vintage and retro bike scene special. We revived the era of cafe racing, but we left the actual racing in the past. Looks are important, but we do take in account that accidents can happen. This is also why we have our Tailored Technology philosophy; to offer gear with which we can look stylish yet travel safe. Although the retro-wave seems to be all about the past, this means it might very well be the best evolved segment of motorcycling that is around today.

Maybe that is what makes this scene a keeper. Ride safe!



The REV’IT! off road weekend

‘Ninety kilometers from Valencia, Spain, in what’s known as the Alto Turia region, lays a beautiful and serene natural landscape marked by deep canyons, high mountains, and unspoiled nature. Traces of civilization are sparse, especially in heart of the area: The Enduropark Aras, an adventure motorcyclist dreamland that sprawls over 15 acres of true off-road paradise’

E-News Enduropark.indd

REV’IT! and the Enduropark share a mutual passion for motorcycling and highly value quality, design and safety. In 2013 we’ve started working together; REV’IT! became the official motorcycle gear supplier for the instructors of the park and the instructors became true REV’IT! ambassadors.

Last weekend the entire REV’IT! Team visited the famous off road riding school. We set out with much enthusiasm and a healthy dose of excitement, 37 helmets were checked in as hand luggage and we’ve all boarded the plane to Valencia.

Some of us are very experienced riders, others are more into racing on the track but the instructors are prepared for everyone and have a suitable training for every level. We all started with the first level course that taught us the basic techniques, including how to control the bike in difficult situations, and valuable insights in how to ride on different types of terrain. After that we all had the skills to ride an off road trail which we´ve put to practice right away under the supervision of an instructor.

At the end of the weekend we’ve not only had a really good time, we’ve definitely put our own products to the test and all of us passed the course and are now certified off road riders.

Whether you’ve ever ridden on anything but asphalt or you are an veteran adventurer to the bone; we can now safely say and highly recommend -if you fancy riding on the toughest terrains that demands strength, courage, determination- visit our friends at the Enduropark.

The perfect travel companion

Since the early 1900s, women motorcyclists have been breaking down gender, stereotype and cultural barriers by being inspirational role models and enabling women worldwide to muster the courage to ride.

In a time before women even had a right to vote, sisters Augusta and Adeline van Buren set out to make a transcontinental journey on a pair of 1000cc Indians. The courageous exploits of riders like the sisters Van Buren and many other women have helped pave the way for future female riders, and set a precedent for finding freedom and adventure on two wheels.

History has proven that nothing will stop a determined woman on a motorcycle and nowadays women all over the world ride motorcycles. REV’IT! riders such as Nita (2012) (We Love MotoGeo), Cristina (2013) (Madnomad) and Emma (2014) (Wolf and Zebra) are constantly searching for their next adventure, pushing themselves to the limit.

For these woman who don’t stop for directions but instead are confident in finding their own way we’ve designed a range of women’s specific motorcycle gear that has been designed to keep women safe and stylish as they chase after their next challenge and discover their next adventure.

The brand new Sand Ladies outfit is the perfect example. The jacket and trousers are specifically designed for serious adventure riding. Equipped with lady specific CE-protectors, reflection panels and prepared for a Seesoft back protector there is no need to worry about safety. It is incredible versatile too as the thermal liner and waterproof membrane can be removed individually to allow for the ventilation zippers to better do their job while riding in warm climates. The adjustment straps allow for a precise fit and as the straps are also height adjustable each rider can choose exactly how the jacket fits.

If you are a true explorer stopped by nothing don’t let your gear stop you!

REV'IT! Sand ladies jacket

Visit us at the Motobeurs Utrecht

The Motorbeurs Utrecht takes place from February the 20st until the 23th and is the Netherland’s largest motorcycle show. REV’IT! will be present at the Motorbeurs to show the highlights of the newest collection. The long awaited Sand ladies outfit, the ultimate travel companion for worldly women, will be presented as well as the newest gear for the sports riders among us. The Vapor jacket with the newest ventilation technology can be admired, 3 of our jeans model will be presented and all your questions about motorcycle gear will be answered by our staff members.

Stop by our stand in hall 12 to see the newest products and pick up your copy of the newest REVzine.

REV’IT! ambassador Sarah Lezito Vignot will be sharing and showing her talent in the stunt rider area. Together with her friend Jorian Ponomaref she will perform multiple shows every day. Check the program here. Together they can to tricks on a motorcycle you’ve never deemed possible; don’t miss it!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the show!


10th edition of REVzine

REVzine magazine is the bi-annual news publication of REV’IT! and we are proud to launch the 10th edition. This season’s REVzine contains beautiful images that highlight our newest products and is filled with interesting and very divers articles. This 10th edition is enhanced with layer. We’ve embedded enhanced digital content on top of standard stories and features so scan the pages for an extra experience.

The new Spring-Summer 2014 collection will at display at your local dealer form this month and that is also the place to go to if you’d like a printed version of REVzine. REVzine is published in 5 different languages, please visit our website to see the French, Dutch, German or Italian version. Click on the image to see the English REVzine.