The MotoGP Holiday

After an exciting start and nine races all over the world, half the MotoGP season 2013 is already over.
All the MotoGP riders are now enjoying a well deserved summer break. Do you ever wonder how these top athletes relax? Or what destination they choose while it is their job to race around the world? Read on to find out.

Alvaro Bautista0523_P02_Bautista_action

1. What is your favorite destination for holidays and why?
I like to go to the beach and I love the sun. I always search for quiet places. On my holiday I like to disconnected from everyday life and not feel any pressure.

2. What do you prefer to do when you are on holidays?
I will relax and do absolutely nothing at all. Normally I train every day but during that one week a year I will just lean-back, eat and drink.

3. What do you definitely take with you on your holiday?
I usually take my swimwear, my towel and my sun protector with me!! Hahaha!

Randy De PunietASPARGPLEMANS2013_23

1. What is your favorite destination for Holidays and why?
It doesn’t matter where; as long as there is a beach and sunshine.

2. What do you prefer to do when you are on holidays?
To relax and do some sports

3. What do you definitely take with you on your holiday?
It’s depends where I am going but I always try to take my bicycle with me. That way I  stay fit and I can explore the surroundings.

2013-MGP-GP02-USA-Austin-061Bradley Smith

1. What is your favorite destination for Holidays and why?
My favorite holiday destination is Southern California. The weather is always great and there is so much to do; you’ll never get bored.

2. What do you prefer to do when you are on holidays?
I like to do as many things as possible when I am on holiday. I hate lying on the beach for too long. Water Sports is something I enjoy a lot.

3. What do you definitely take with you on your holiday? 
My gym clothes and trainers. It doesn’t matter where I go in the world I always take my training things. Either to run and explore the city or to just kill some time in the gym.

Our Heroes

To welcome Bradley Smith in our REV’IT! family, we’ve updated the ‘Our Heroes’ profiles on Facebook today. The profiles of Alvaro Bautista, Randy de Puniet and Garrett Gerloff are refreshed and we are waiting for new PJ Jacobsen action shots, as he will be riding his first race of 2012 this weekend in Assen. As soon as we have news regarding our heroes, we’ll post it in this section. So keep checking it every now and then to see what’s keeping our heroes busy: on and off the track.Our Heroes

Preview MotoGP season 2012

With one new REV’IT! rider and two riders who changed teams this year; 3 new REV’IT! race suits have been developed. New colors take some time to get used to therefore we will guide you through the newest outfits the REV’IT! riders wear.

Alvaro Bautista – San Carlo Honda Gresini
For two years Alvaro raced in Rizla blue; this year the colors change. At San Carlo Honda Gresini a color is a theme. The team revealed a bike that is majorly black, in memory of Marco Simcelli. The new REV’IT! suit matches the bike. However this livery won’t last the entire season; the bikes and suits will vary throughout the year.
This is not the only reason to watch Alvaro this year. Expect to see him battling in the front; the Honda RCV is one of the best bikes around and the San Carlo Honda Gresini is one of the best teams in the field. One or even more podium finishes are very realistic prospect.

Randy de Puniet – Power Electronics Team Aspar (CRT)
Nobody really knew what to expect from the Claiming Rule Teams, now one thing is clear: Randy de Puniet is the man to beat, looking at the CRT’s.  1 second faster than all other CRT riders and close to the prototypes all winter, the goal is to beat a few prototypes in the second half of the season.

Bradley Smith – Tech3 Moto2 Team
With finishing on the podium for 3 times in his first year in Moto2, Bradley resigned with Tech3, securing a MotoGP ride in 2013. But that is not on his mind yet, as he’s aiming to finish 2012 on a high, proving he’s deserving the MotoGP with at least a few Moto2 wins.
Bradley and his team mate had a lot of work to do last winter; Guy Guyon designed a new chassis for the Mistral 610.  At the final tests in Jerez, 2 weeks ago, Bradley showed the potential of the new bike, finishing within 1 second of fastest man, Claudio Corti. It could have been a bit quicker, if Bradley didn’t crash his test suit. It’s Bradley’s first year in REV’IT! leathers and we’re happy he stood up and walked away after a 200km/h crash. And Bradley knows he doesn’t have to worry about his leathers this season.

Steve Parrish – BBC Crew
Not only riders wear REV’IT! clothing proudly; this year the entire BBC Sport crew will be see in REV’IT! So you won’t only see REV’IT! on the circuits but also in the paddock and on TV!