RSR summer glove

The RSR glove is designed to achieve ultimate racing in comfort and style. The combination of comfortable materials, outstanding protection and features such as stretch lips at the fingers, thumb and backhand plus elastic at the wrist make this a race glove suitable for every day driving.

The materials used for this glove have been selected for their safety and comfortable characteristics. The outer shell is made of goatskin and cowhide which offers maximum abrasion resistance whilst remaining flexible.

The glove protects every inch of your hand; a dual comp palm slider is added to make sure the glove slides in case the palm of the hand comes in contact with the asphalt and it prevents the glove from grabbing. You’ll find EVA foam at the fingers and thumb which functions as a shock absorber. Furthermore the glove features PWR aramide on the wrist, carbon hard-shell knuckle and a TPU hard-shell little finger protector.

Due to the ventilation panels at the fingers the RSR glove is bound to be your best companion for the upcoming season.