RSR summer glove

The RSR glove is designed to achieve ultimate racing in comfort and style. The combination of comfortable materials, outstanding protection and features such as stretch lips at the fingers, thumb and backhand plus elastic at the wrist make this a race glove suitable for every day driving.

The materials used for this glove have been selected for their safety and comfortable characteristics. The outer shell is made of goatskin and cowhide which offers maximum abrasion resistance whilst remaining flexible.

The glove protects every inch of your hand; a dual comp palm slider is added to make sure the glove slides in case the palm of the hand comes in contact with the asphalt and it prevents the glove from grabbing. You’ll find EVA foam at the fingers and thumb which functions as a shock absorber. Furthermore the glove features PWR aramide on the wrist, carbon hard-shell knuckle and a TPU hard-shell little finger protector.

Due to the ventilation panels at the fingers the RSR glove is bound to be your best companion for the upcoming season.



The perfect summer outfit

To prevent overheating in summer, you must make sure that all your layers contribute to optimal moisture management. It is essential to have garments that quickly wick excess moisture away from the skin. Wearing a cotton t-shirt under your leathers or textile jacket is the number one mistake that most summer riders make.

Base Layer

A good base layer keeps the skin dry, preserving its natural breathing properties and capacity to regulate your body temperature. Only dry skin can perform those vital functions properly, so you should always wear a synthetic base layer under your garments, to quickly wick moisture away from the skin. All REV’IT! Base Layers have this functionality. You will find base layers specifically developed for men and women, as well as specific base layers to be worn under racing leathers. All the pro riders sponsored by REV’IT! wear these.

Mid Layer

Most summer products are constructed to be fully ventilated only. REV’IT! mid layers give you improved versatility, providing a removable thermal liner or removable membrane (or both), so you can adapt your jacket and trousers quickly to the weather conditions. This is optimum flexibility for staying comfortable on summer rides.

Outer shell

The perfect outer shell for summer riding offers the perfect blend between protection and ventilation. Within the REV’IT! range, you will find a wide choice, varying from full mesh textile jackets and trousers to multi-season leather jackets and trousers. When equipped with a removable membrane and/or thermal liner, most of these styles will keep you comfortable from spring to autumn.

Summer Gloves

From adventure-ride style gloves to fully protective sports gloves, REV’IT! offers a lot of choice when it comes to fully ventilated summer gloves. Constructed according to the Engineered skin design concept, these gloves ensure that your hands stay cool and safe.


Motorcycle socks are probably the most underestimated piece of equipment in your summer riding wardrobe. You have to experience the difference with REV’IT! supportive motorcycle socks to become a believer. Whilst your friends are feeling the effects on their feet after a summer day’s ride, your feet will be dry, relaxed, and hardly fatigued. Try it and you will never want to ride without them.

As for boots, we offer the fully ventilated Airblend for summer touring rides.

Want to feel cool?

The AIR jacket is a very successful summer jacket in the REVIT! collection. It combines lightweight, abrasion-resistant materials with mesh panels to provide the ultimate in summer breathability. These materials, in combination with CE-approved armour, all at a competitive price, make the AIR a great jacket for the rider who demands protection and style.

Now available in the sizes XS-XZL at your local REV’IT! dealer

The idea behind the Spring/Summer 2011 collection

When we launched our Fall-Winter 2010 collection, the market responded with enthusiasm to the new range of products, which featured GORE-TEX® and Windstopper technology for the serious touring and adventure rider. Based on this success, we have incorporated the same technology into our Spring-Summer 2011 collection, but with a distinctive style, attention to detail, and functionality specifically for the warmer months.

This close partnership with GORE-TEX® has pushed us at REV’IT! to raise the bar further and develop products with an even higher quality standard than before. Our constant drive to improve upon the functional performance of our products is evident in the new Spring?Summer 2011 collection.

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