Protect yourself: make sure you’re the one they see first.

A growing number of hobby riders worldwide have begun to use their weekend hobby bikes for commuting on the weekdays. Accordingly, there is a growing demand, worldwide, for high-visibility apparel and accessories – essential for riding on urban streets with cars and trucks, whose drivers may not always be aware of the presence of motorcycles sharing the road.

REV’IT! applauds the fact that more and more riders have become aware of high-visibility apparel and its ability to enhance safety on the road, not only for the riders, but also for all others on the road.

The only downside to buying a high-visibility jacket is that you’re stuck with that bright yellow or orange color. This might be great when commuting, but it might seem unnecessarily flashy when touring on a nice summer’s day.

The perfect solution comes in the form of the ATHOS high-visibility vest (CE approved (EN-471) High-Vis material). It can be easily slipped over any REV’IT! leather or textile jacket, meaning that you can instantly turn whichever jacket you’re wearing into a safety jacket. The ATHOS safety vest is made of a mix of rugged polyester and stretch polyamide side panels, for a snug yet comfortable fitting shape. Laminated 3MScotchlite panels ensure the highest level of visibility.

The vest is designed to be short, so that, when it is worn over a long jacket, you’ll still have access to the lower front pockets. It can also be easily folded and stashed away, when not needed.

Visibility, along with comfort, is one of the most important aspects of passive safety. Protect yourself: make sure you’re the one they see first.